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This is a complete introductory course in carpentry. It is not intended for the home handyman, but rather for prospective professionals who are considering carpentry as a profession or looking forward to completing their apprenticeship. This is a great way to get a look at the work of modern carpentry without having to make any commitments.

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Part 1. Construction Prints and Building Materials

Lesson 1.1 Construction Prints for Buildings
Lesson 1.2 Bill of Materials (BOMs)
Lesson 1.3 Building Materials
Exercises for Part 1

Part 2. Tools and Equipment

Lesson 2.1 Care and Use of Hand Tools
Lesson 2.2 Care and Use of Power Machinery
Exercises for Part 2

Part 3. Floor Construction

Lesson 3.1 Floor Framing
Lesson 3.2 Subflooring
Lesson 3.3 Finish Flooring
Exercises for Part 3

Part 4. Wall-System and Stairway Construction

Lesson 4.1 Framing Members
Lesson 4.2 Wall Sheathing
Lesson 4.3 Moldings
Lesson 4.4 Stairs
Exercises for Part 4

Part 5. Roof Construction

Lesson 5.1 Roof Types
Lesson 5.2 Framing Members
Exercises for Part 5

The content of this course is modified from a training manual provided by the U.S. Army. Occasional references to military situations and building specifications do not detract from the relevance of the lesson to civilian builders.

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