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This course is designed for engineering personnel responsible for planning, designing, and constructing earthworks. It gives estimated production rates, characteristics, operation techniques, and soil considerations for earthmoving equipment. The course demonstrates how to select the most economical and effective equipment for each individual operation. This course also discusses the complete process of estimating equipment production rates. However, learners are encouraged to use their experience and data from other projects in estimating production rates.

The material in this course applies to all construction equipment regardless of make or model. The equipment cited here are examples only. Information for production calculations should be obtained from the operator and maintenance manuals for the make and model of the equipment actually being used on the site.

Select a lesson, and study the text farther down the page:

bullet Lesson 1. Managing Earthmoving Operations
bullet Lesson 2. Dozers
bullet Lesson 3. >Scrapers
bullet Lesson 4. Graders
bullet Lesson 5. Loaders
bullet Lesson 6. Forklifts
bullet Lesson 7. Cranes
bullet Lesson 8. Hydraulic Excavators
bullet Lesson 9. Air Compressors And Pneumatic Tools
bullet Lesson 10. Hauling Equipment
bullet Lesson 11. Soil-Processing And Compaction
bullet Lesson 12. Road Surfacing
bullet Lesson 13. Safety
bullet Lesson 14. Environmental Protection

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