Paving and Surfacing

About This Course

This course provides essential information to engineers who are engaged in or responsible for bituminous and concrete operations for roads and airfields. It contains information on construction materials and equipment and the mix design, production, placement, and repair of concrete and bituminous pavements.

Select a lesson, and study the text farther down the page:

bullet Lesson 1. Bituminous Materials
bullet Lesson 2. Bituminous Design
bullet Lesson 3. Equipment Used in Bituminous Operations
bullet Lesson 4. Production and Laydown of Bituminous Materials
bullet Lesson 5. Field Manufacture of Asphalt Cutbacks
bullet Lesson 6. Material Estimates
bullet Lesson 7. Maintaining and Repairing Bituminous Wearing Surfaces
bullet Lesson 8. Components of Concrete
bullet Lesson 9. Characteristics of Concrete
bullet Lesson 10. Mix Design
bullet Lesson 11. Concrete Equipment
bullet Lesson 12. Forms and Joints
bullet Lesson 13. Concrete Paving

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