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About this E-Textbook

This is a review/preview presentation of basic electricity and electronics. It is intended for apprentice or professional electricians who need an overview of the subject.

  • The lessons require some algebra and trigonometry skills.
  • The main study segments for this course are provided in the PDF format.

Module 1 Basic Electrical Theory
This module describes basic electrical concepts and introduces electrical terminology.

1-1 Atom and Its Forces
1-2 Electrical Terminology
1-3 Units of Electrical Measurement
1-4 Methods of Producing Voltage
1-5 Magnetism
1-6 Magnetic Circuits
1-7 Electrical Symbols

Appendix: Metric Systems and Powers of Ten

Module 2 Basic DC Theory
This module describes the basic concepts of direct current (DC) electrical circuits and discusses the associated terminology

2-1 DC Sources
2-2 DC Circuit Terminology
2-3 Basic DC Circuit Calculations
2-4 Voltage Polarity and Current Direction
2-5 Kirchhoff's Laws
2-6 DC Circuit Analysis
2-7 DC Circuit Faults

Module 3 DC Circuits
This module introduces the rules associated with the reactive components of inductance and capacitance and how they affect DC circuits.

3-1 Inductance
3-2 Capacitance

Module 4 Batteries
This module introduces batteries and describes the types of cells used, circuit arrangements, and associated hazards.

4-1 Battery Terminology
4-2 Battery Theory
4-3 Battery Operations
4-4 Types of Batteries
4-5 Battery Hazards

Module 5 DC Generators
This module describes the types of DC generators and their application in terms of voltage production and load characteristics.

5-1 DC Equipment Terminology
5-2 DC Equipment Construction
5-3 DC Generator Theory
5-4 DC Generator Construction

Module 6 DC Motors
This module describes the types of DC motors and includes discussions of speed control, applications, and load characteristics.

6-1 DC Motor Theory
6-2 Types of DC Motors
6-3 DC Motor Operation

Module 7 Basic AC Theory
This module describes the basic concepts of alternating current (AC) electrical circuits and discusses the associated terminology.

7-1 AC Generation
7-2 AC Generation Analysis

Module 8 Basic AC Reactive Components
This module describes inductance and capacitance and their effects on AC circuits.

8-1 Inductance
8-2 Capacitance
8-3 Impedance
8-4 Resonance

Module 9 Basic AC Power
This module presents power calculations for single-phase and three-phase AC circuits and includes the power triangle concept.

9-1 Power Triangle
9-2 Three-Phase Circuits

Module 10 AC Generators
This module describes the operating characteristics of AC generators and includes terminology, methods of voltage production, and methods of paralleling AC generation sources.

10-1 AC Generator Components
10-2 AC Generator Theory
10-3 AC Generator Operation

Module 11 Voltage Regulators
This module describes the basic operation and application of voltage regulators.

11-1 Voltage Regulators

Module 12 AC Motors
This module explains the theory of operation of AC motors and discusses the various types of AC motors and their application.

12-1 AC Motor Theory
12-2 AC Motor  Types

Module 13 Transformers
This module introduces transformer theory and includes the types of transformers, voltage/current relationships, and application.

13-1 Transformer Theory
13-2 Transformer Types

Module 14 Test Instruments and Measuring Devices
This module describes electrical measuring and test equipment and includes the parameters measured and the principles of operation of common instruments.

Note: Most of the hardware cited in this module is obsolete due to the development and broad acceptance of digital versions. The circumstances surrounding the application of these instruments have not changed, however.

14-1 Meter Movements
14-2 Voltmeters
14-3 Ammeters
14-4 Ohm Meters
14-5 Wattmeters
14-6 Other Electrical Measuring Devices
14-7 Test Equipment

Module 15 Electrical Distribution Systems
This module describes basic electrical distribution systems and includes characteristics of system design to ensure personnel and equipment safety.

15-1 System Components and Protection Devices
15-2 Circuit Breakers
15-3 Motor Controllers
15-4 Wiring Schemes and Grounding

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