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There are a lot of lifelong-learning topics that require more than one lover to satisfy our passions. Few, however, offer the intellectual challenge of cutting-edge high tech with the romance and action of aviation. I'm speaking of avionics, of course.

My personal, up-close affair with avionics was short lived, but left an indelible impression across five decades of my life. I met the  Avionics sisters during my time in the Navy. This was in the late 1950s. I spent a couple of months studying basic electronics, radar fundamentals, and (gasp) analog computing. It was all vacuum-tube and point-to-point wiring, of course. Nowadays we would consider this fire-control system an example of "augmented reality" -- the pilot could see the alignment of the missiles and aircraft as circles, blips, and grids on a half-mirrorized plate of glass.





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