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Free-Ed.Net is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the testing organizations cited on this website.


GED & College Prep.
The GED is North America's high school equivalency exam.
A new class begins on the first Sunday of each month.
Warm up for the SAT exam and get your name entered in the National Merit Scholar program.
The SAT college entrance exam.
The ACT college entrance exam.
AP compatible, college-credit studies.
CLEP compatible, college-credit studies.




Test Prep at Free-Ed.Net is ... well ... different. It is more intense and demanding than most other test-prep programs you will find free or otherwise. It's about personal integrity, a healthy perspective on the realities of our time, and a chance to carry the benefits far beyond test day.

So give it a try. You might like it ... or not. In any case, it I won't cost you anything to try.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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