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smpencil.gif (1063 bytes)We encourage your questions, but we cannot respond to questions that are already answered here and in the FAQ.

Do you offer diplomas or certificates of completion?

Are you accredited? Are your credits transferable to another school?
No -- only the things you have learned here are transferable.

Do you have a course in ...
Please check the course content page.

Are the courses really free?
Yes. Expenses are met by donations and advertising revenue.

How do I start a course?
Simple: find a course you want, then start working on it.

Will you please send me more information about your school?
No. Everything you need to know is already provided on the website.

Do you have any of these courses available in hardcopy or on CD?

Would you consider a link exchange with my site?

How much does it cost to put ads on your site?
We are not accepting new advertisers.